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Gcoupon World Statistics About Internet - We has processed the details of one million top websites on internet and we provide useful global statistics on them such as -
  1. How many websites development are by one webmaster (Google Analytics Publisher ID, Microsoft Bing ID, Yahoo Publisher ID, etc)
  2. The most popular versions of web servers on internet (Apache 2.2.3, Microsoft IIS 6, Apache 2.0.63, etc.)
  3. The most popular version of scripting languages on internet (PHP 5.2.6, ASP, Php 5.2.9, Perl 5.8.8, etc.)
  4. The most popular CMS on internet (WordPress 3.0.1, Blogger, Joomla! 1.5, Microsoft FrontPage 6.0, etc.)
  5. The most popular operation systems for servers on internet (Windows, Unix, CentOS, Debian, etc.)
  6. Showing how many of those websites host on the same IP Address ( ,, etc.)
  7. Showing how many of those websites use the same copyright tag (Discuz! Team, phpBB Group,, etc.)
  8. The most popular meta tags, page encoding, etc...

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